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Nov 12, 2012 8:00pm PST
--belize. are searching for john mcafee, the founder of this opera company mcafee ink software- company. in relation to the death of his neighbor in an island town along the caribbean. the victim was found with a gunshot wound to the head and both his cellphone and computer or missing. police have not been able to reach mcafee but the other neighbors have been questioned. >> if the air district it sending that chevron is still in stolen technology which is a step in a right direction >> they are going to put in a stronger pipe material and also decrease the number of valves. it decreases the amount of emissions. but they are also going to be putting in the latest technology valves. >> however, gregor karras with communities for a better environment says that that is to is not good enough. >> when people say what it does happen this is a big reason. >> for its part, chevron says they are working closely with the city of richmond, and the bay area of air quality management district. and all repairs and replacement equipment and materials will meet or exceed applicable industry standards and codes. the
Nov 13, 2012 8:00pm PST
and a murder suspect john mcafee is still on the loose. we spoke with wired magazine and he has escaped.... capture while burying himself in the sand under a cardboard box. >> this millionaire spoke to them fired magazine. >> i am hold held up i've never held this or felt this before. >> he is wanted for a fellow expatriate he says that he is not guilty and he could have been the intended victim. >> the first thing i thought about was oh my gosh! if he is a wanted man. he is going to off me and mcafee fears being tortured into making a false confession if he is captured. a spokesman saying that it is being evidence of his paranoia. >> we've believe that we follow the law and we believe that this has absolutely no merit to mcafee told the wire reporter that he believes the government wants to kill them. and he has criticized that country's prime minister for civil rights infringements. >> this 82 year-old san francisco man has been missing for one week. and he has been missing since november 6th. two days after he was seen leaving his home in the bay district to go for and a morning walk
Nov 15, 2012 8:00pm PST
direction. john hitting a- three-pointer and one more time. getting an 18. , nine rebounds stanford beat out 69-51. and his mom joined all the way from truckee aspen spora lake tahoe is the scene as this great whisky star is only 2 years old. how did you get started? and my parents i think we started first in austria. that was awesome. >> you begin and austria. >> yes. and i was teasing but you like school? i like school, for sure. without skiing, i would be a boring little nerd. >> if he's a great little kid. and they got a speeding ticket. and they were rushing to get here in she was cute and we take for granted the beauty of kron. and she was taken that this is fantastic. and she said this is the best television station i've ever been in a. and i said what others in? she said there is a room in truckee. so kron is number one. so cute, the movie is coming out. the great aspin spore bud selig drops an 'f' bomb.. .Ñ >> you have to listen closely the baseball commissioner was asked about the a's and when is he going to decide if they move to san jose. >> i feel very badly. you're not going t
Nov 16, 2012 8:00pm PST
to be a homemade cavity. sir john nelson the saying that this is still very much under investigation. he was attempted to return to los angeles on a southwest airlines flight. he claims that watch was an art project and he was in town only briefly >> the rainfall has people in daly city particularly worried about the possibility of another modest light. charles clifford spoke to city officials about what they are going to prevent that. >> we've worked our way back with the excavator. >> patrick's we lend is the director of water they have been working to ensure that any rainwater will not create additional problems. this large gouge in the hillside is for this month's lights started. there has been this and ditch that will funnel rainwater safely although officials are expected 1 in. they do not think the hillside will be a problem. >> that was created a very short amount of time we are not going to get that type of water. >> they've also put out of straw bales and sho--jute netting. police crews will be out on the scene all weekend. >> we wanted to make sure that everything is going to
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4